TellTails - Wearable animal tails for adults and kids
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TellTails products have the ability to bring a child's imagination to life and transform them into their animal of choice. The product is fun, accessible and reasonably priced, and fills a gap in the market for children's fancy dress - as it isn't an entire outfit, it gives the child the freedom to explore characters as they play. It's such an original idea that we fell in love with them straight away, they make a great addition to our Toyshop.' - Susannah Jones, Selfridges & Co.

Welcome To TellTails.

We at Telltails are on a quest to help the finest festival goers and party people find their inner ferity by providing them with their outer tail. We believe that everyone has a tail in them just waiting to be wagged, a residual longing not quite expelled from the evolutionary process.

Why have we been nibbled down to our nubs? After all, our tails were the source of our locomotion, they enabled our tree swinging and aided our balance. Perhaps more importantly, they were our most vital tool for social signalling, clearly indicating our emotions and catalysing our courtship. Did evolution trip up along the way?We have decided to undo 'Natures greatest mistake’ and thus have become purveyors of the finest handmade tails for Bipeds in the UK. Our extensive range of tails are unrivalled in design and quality and we pride ourselves on being the only company in the UK supplying these unique products.

These tails have been road tested by only the coolest cats and dogs in the kennel with one resounding conclusion… It’s time to get our waggle on.

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